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Rent A Space

Shelves, Cabinets and Concession Spaces

We rent retail shelf, glass cabinet, wall, and floor concession spaces around the building. If you have always wanted to experience selling your items in a bricks and mortar retail setting and offer something unique, bespoke, or curious to our customers, then pop in for a look around and a chat with a member of staff at the sales desk. It’s an opportunity to have a showroom and backdrop to take professional photos and elevate your business both in person and online.

How it works: You can rent a shelf or floor space to showcase and sell your stock on a rolling month to month basis, no contract. All you need to do is label your items, stock up your display and we will run your sales day-to-day via our main sales desk and online queries, while you can go off and focus on advertising your business to drive footfall and sales to your stall.

Rent must be paid promptly for the coming month.  Monies from your sales are sent directly to you via bank transfer at the end of each month, along with a sales sheet for your records. 3.5% is deducted from sales sheets to cover card transaction fees and other overheads.   Should your circumstances change, then we simply require one months’ notice to terminate your tenancy. You are responsible for ensuring your items are clean, safe, saleable, individually priced and for restocking your space on a timely basis.

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